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Famous moments
from history reenacted
by socks.

Original web-strip

(to the tune of Petula Clark’s "Downtown")

When you’ve screwed up your life, lost your job and your wife,
It’s gonna call your name ..... REHAB
When it takes intervention to get your attention
And you’re filled with shame.....REHAB

REHAB..... gonna start your life over at
REHAB....gonna try to get sober at
REHAB.... gonna pee in a cup with a smile..

If you like smoking crack, taking pills, shooting smack
Or getting drunk all night.....REHAB
If you’re court ordered by a DWI,
you can’t put up a fight ......REHAB

Listen to your counselors as they tell you how they did it,
You can’t solve your problems until first you will admit it

REHAB.....while your jonesing to get high at
REHAB.....while you’re wondering why you’re at
REHAB......and it won’t be the last time you’re there...HAB...REHAB....REHAB....

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Seuss and
to Co-scribe

Because of lackluster
box office receipts in
previous big screen
adaptations, Universal
sought the ultimate
script doctor to
generate youth appeal
in it’s aging franchise.