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Walter Matthau’s final outing is an outing of sorts as ODD COUPLE 2000 opens with Oscar waking up one morning to find himself ogling Felix’s ass as he vacuums the carpet for the umpteenth time. It’s been thirty years since the two started co-habitating and it finally dawns on them they must really be gay. Neil Simon’s joke laden script is put to a test in a romance where the neatnik falls in love with the slob. Stand out supporting roles include Stockard Channing as Felix’s long suffering fag hag friend, and Gloria Stuart as Oscar’s hard of hearing, hundred year old mother. When Oscar visits her in the home and tries to break the news, in a clever bit of wordplay, she thinks he said "I’m gray". Tech credits were fine.

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Celebrity voices impersonated by Mark Amato

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Because of lackluster
box office receipts in
previous big screen
adaptations, Universal
sought the ultimate
script doctor to
generate youth appeal
in it’s aging franchise.