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Famous moments
from history reenacted
by socks.

Original web-strip

Responsible non-smoker available
to housesit mansions in the 2-3 million dollar range only. Service includes locking doors, watering houseplants and bringing in the mail as many times a day as it comes. Fish and neutered housecats okay, but any dog walking duties will be handled by an associate for an additional fee. Pool and jacuzzi preferred.

Writer available: Marginally talented, but really, really broke. Sample specs and financial statements available upon request. Please call soon because I’m really depressed and running out of paper.
Totally sexy starlet looking to marry money. I’m young and hot, you’re old and horny, let’s cut to the chase. Anyone desiring a pre-nup need not apply. Medical problems welcomed.

Charming writer’s retreat
nestled in the hills. And just in case that screenplay doesn’t sell, this spacious single has enough room to pull your car in, close the door andfinally put an end that miserable life of yours.

Macho, chick-lovin’, 100% hetero hair stylist
seeks gay roommate for cooking, decorating and occasional homoerotic tension that will always be denied the next morning

Upstart talent agency
with no clients and few contacts seeks seasoned veteran with established client base plus some secretarial skills.

The Sitcom
(1951 -2000)

The demise of the sitcom comes after a lengthy illness including such malignancies as JESSE, VERONICA’S CLOSET and of course, SUDDENLY SUSAN . According to coroner Thomas Nagucci, the premature death of the sitcom can be directly linked to insecure network execs chasing the next big hit by slapping together one fading star and say, the writer who penned the "muffin tops" episode of Seinfeld. In lieu of flowers, mourners are urged to start reading.

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Seuss and
to Co-scribe

Because of lackluster
box office receipts in
previous big screen
adaptations, Universal
sought the ultimate
script doctor to
generate youth appeal
in it’s aging franchise.