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Famous moments
from history reenacted
by socks.

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MARK AMATO got his start writing jokes for Dennis Miller as well as articles for such publications as Spy Magazine. With stints including "Home Improvement", "Maggie Winters" and most recently, "Grown Ups", Mark has written multiple episodes of "Extreme Ghostbusters" and "Men in Black". He has also sold two pilots to FBC as well as one for UPN. Presently he has two features on the market, along with a freelance assignment of a comedy in development at Greenblatt/Janollari.

STEPHANIE PHILLIPS spent two seasons on the writing staff of "Grace Under Fire" and most recently completed a year on Paramount’s "Clueless". She has won a CableAce Award for her work on "Beakman’s World" as well as being a highly regarded alumnus of the Warner Brothers Writer’s Program. Stephanie’s first pilot script was optioned by Aaron Spelling. She also has the distinction of being the only writer ever to win two out of the ten screenwriting honors in the Diane Thomas UCLA Program. She’s currently developing half hour pilots.

RICHARD SOLOMON has a thriving web design company as well as being the creative director of the outdoor division of emap USA. Visit his website at

The genesis of "DAILY ANXIETY" started three weeks ago with a budget of $2.49 (which includes the cost of the eyes for the Sock-umentary). Words were free. Pictures were scanned and returned to the local bookstore. With the help of their spouses, Richard & JoAnn, the Mertz’s and Ricardo’s saw their vision turn from cockamamie scheme into virtual reality.

With pocket change and an abundance of ideas, DAILY ANXIETY will undoubtedly continue to flourish. Imagine what we could do with money...

Our host server space has been generously given to us by Marcom Center MCC2.

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Seuss and
to Co-scribe

Because of lackluster
box office receipts in
previous big screen
adaptations, Universal
sought the ultimate
script doctor to
generate youth appeal
in it’s aging franchise.